Repost for Instagram

The first app on the market that allows you to reshare or repost Instagram pictures quickly and easily.

Regram is available in the App Store

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"What we have here is Regram - Re-sharing Instagram, the ideal iPhone and iPad app for those times when you come across something online that you simply have to share with your friends and family on Instagram."

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Elvis Duran Morning Show

"Finally! A way to repost someone else’s Instagram photos! ... My favorite for iPhone is Regram 7. It’s free and seems to work the best. It’s easier to find the photo you want to “regram” if you’ve already liked it in Instagram. Choose the layout you want; the “regram” tag on top or bottom of the photo, and then send to Twitter or Instagram!"

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Rent Food Broke

"It seems obvious that you'd want to share that funny pic you saw on Instagram. Also that your lazy behind doesn't want to deal with multiples clicks and making sure to appropriately credit the original photographer. Introducing Regram."

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